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[Intelmq-dev] IntelMQ 1.1.0 released

Sebastian Wagner wagner at
Wed Sep 5 16:21:58 CEST 2018

Dear community,

I just released the feature release 1.1.0 for the 1.x series
the first stable release after the initial 1.0.0. This version is
already in use in several setups without known issues and
introduces many new features and bots.

Installation instructions:
Upgrade instructions:

The deb/rpm packages will be available in some hours in the stable repository (see linked instructions).

The full changelog is very long:
- Support for Python 3.3 has been dropped in IntelMQ and some dependencies of it. Python 3.3 reached its end of life and Python 3.4 or newer is a hard requirement now.
- The list of feeds docs/ has now a machine-readable equivalent YAML file in intelmq/etc/feeds.yaml
  A tool to convert from yaml to md has been added.

### Tools
- `intelmq_gen_feeds_docs` addded to bin directory, allows generating the documentation file from feeds.yaml
- `intelmq_gen_docs` merges both `intelmq_gen_feeds_docs` and `intelmq_gen_harm_docs` in one file and automatically updates the documentation files.

#### intelmqctl
- `intelmqctl start` prints the bot's last error messages if the bot failed to start (#1021).
- `intelmqctl start` message "is running" is printed every time. (Until now, it wasn't said when a bot was just starting.)
- `intelmqctl start/stop/restart/reload/status` now has a "--group" flag which allows you to specify the group of the bots that should be influenced by the command.
- `intelmqctl check` checks for defaults.conf completeness if the shipped file from the package can be found.
- `intelmqctl check` shows errors for non-importable bots.
- `intelmqctl list bots -q` only prints the IDs of enabled bots.
- `intelmqctl list queues-and-status` prints both queues and bots statuses (so that it can be used in eg. intelmq-manager).
- `intelmqctl run` parameter for showing a sent message.
- `intelmqctl run` if message is sent to a non-default path, it is printed out.
- `intelmqctl restart` bug fix; returned some half-nonsense, now returns return state of start and stop operation in a list (#1226).
- `intelmqctl check`: New parameter `--no-connections` to prevent the command from making connections e.g. to the redis pipeline.s
- `intelmqctl list queues`: don't display named paths amongst standard queues.
- The process status test failed if the PATH did not include the bot executables and the `which` command failed. Then the proccess's command line could not be compared correctly. The fix warns of this and adds a new status 'unknown' (#1297).

### Contrib
- tool `feeds-config-generator` to automatically generate the collector and parser runtime and pipeline configurations.
- `malware_name_mapping`: Download and convert tool for malware family name mapping has been added.
- Added a systemd script which creates systemd units for bots (#953).
- `contrib/cron-jobs/update-asn-data`, `contrib/cron-jobs/update-geoip-data`, `contrib/cron-jobs/update-tor-nodes`: Errors produce proper output.

### Core
- lib/bot
  - use SIGTERM instead of SIGINT to stop bots (#981).
  - Bots can specify a static method `check(parameters)` which can perform individual checks specific to the bot.
    These functions will be called by `intelmqctl check` if the bot is configured with the given parameters
  - top level bot parameters (description, group, module, name) are exposed as members of the class.
  - The parameter `feed` for collectors is deprecated for 2.0 and has been replaced by the more consistent `name` (#1144).
  - bug: allow path parameter for CollectorBot class.
  - Handle errors better when the logger could not be initialized.
  - `ParserBot`:
    - For the csv parsing methods, `ParserBot.csv_params` is now used for all these methods.
    - `ParserBot.parse_csv_dict` now saves the field names in `ParserBot.csv_fieldnames`.
    - `ParserBot.parse_csv_dict` now saves the raw current line in `ParserBot.current_line`.
    - `ParserBot.recover_line_csv_dict` now uses the raw current line.
- lib/message:
  - Subitems in fields of type `JSONDict` (see below) can be accessed directly. E.g. you can do:
    event[''] = 'bar'
    event[''] # gives 'bar'
    It is still possible to set and get the field as whole, however this may be removed or changed in the future:
    event['extra'] = '{"foo": "bar"}'
    event['extra'] # gives '{"foo": "bar"}'
    "Old" bots and configurations compatible with 1.0.x do still work.
    Also, the extra field is now properly exploded when exporting events, analogous to all other fields.
    The `in` operator works now for both - the old and the new - behavior.
  - `Message.add`: The parameter `overwrite` accepts now three different values: `True`, `False` and `None` (new).
    True: An existing value will be overwritten
    False: An existing value will not be overwritten (previously an exception has been raised when the value was given).
    None (default): If the value exists an `KeyExists` exception is thrown (previously the same as False).
    This allows shorter code in the bots, as an 'overwrite' configuration parameter can be directly passed to the function.
  - The message class has now the possibility to return a default value for non-exisiting fields, see `Message.set_default_value`.
  - Message.get behaves the same like `Message.__getitem__` (#1305).
- Add `RewindableFileHandle` to utils making handling of CSV files more easy (optionally)
- lib/pipeline:
  * you may now define more than one destination queues path the bot should pass the message to, see [Pipelines]( (#1088, #1190).
  * the special path `"_on_error"` can be used to pass messages to different queues in case of processing errors (#1133).
- `lib/harmonization`: Accept `AS` prefix for ASN values (automatically stripped).

### Bots
- Removed print statements from various bots.
- Replaced various occurences of `self.logger.error()` + `self.stop()` with `raise ValueError`.

#### Collectors
- `bots.collectors.mail`:
  - New parameters; `sent_from`: filter messages by sender, `sent_to`: filter messages by recipient
  - More debug logs
- `bots.collectors.n6.collector_stomp`: renamed to `bots.collectors.stomp.collector` (#716)
- bots.collectors.rt:
  - New parameter `search_requestor` to search for field Requestor.
  - Empty strings and `null` as value for search parameters are ignored.
  - Empty parameters `attachment_regex` and `url_regex` handled.
- `bots.collectors.http.collector_http`: Ability to optionally use the current time in parameter `http_url`, added parameter `http_url_formatting`.
- `bots.collectors.stomp.collector`: Heartbeat timeout is now logged with log level info instead of warning.
- added `intelmq.bots.collectors.twitter.collector_twitter`
- added `intelmq.bots.collectors.tcp.collector` that can be bound to another IntelMQ instance by a TCP output
- ``: added for MS interflow API
  - Automatic ungzipping for .gz files.
- added `intelmq.bots.collectors.calidog.collector_certstream` for collecting certstream data (#1120).
- added `intelmq.bots.collectors.shodan.collector_stream` for collecting shodan stream data (#1096).
  - Add proxy support.
  - Fix handling of parameter `countries`.

#### Parsers
- `bots.parsers.shadowserver`:
  - changed feednames . Please refer to it's README for the exact changes.
  - If the conversion function fails for a line, an error is raised and the offending line will be handled according to the error handling configuration.
    Previously errors like these were only logged and ignored otherwise.
  - add support for the feeds
    - `Accessible-Hadoop` (#1231)
    - `Accessible ADB` (#1285)
  - Remove deprecated parameter `override`, use `overwrite` instead (#1071).
  - The `raw` values now are exactly the input with quotes unchanged, the ParserBot methods are now used directly (#1011).
- The Generic CSV Parser `bots.parsers.generic.parser_csv`:
  - It is possible to filter the data before processing them using the new parameters `filter_type` and `filter_text`.
  - It is possible to specify multiple columns using `|` character in parameter `columns`.
  - The parameter `time_format` now supports `'epoch_millis'` for seconds since the Epoch, milliseconds are supported but not used.
- renamed `bots.parsers.cymru_full_bogons.parser` to ``, compatibility shim will be removed in version 2.0
- added ``
- added `intelmq.bots.parsers.zoneh.parser` for ZoneH feeds
- added `intelmq.bots.parsers.sucuri.parser`
- added `intelmq.bots.parsers.malwareurl.parser`
- added `intelmq.bots.parsers.threatminer.parser`
- added `intelmq.bots.parsers.webinspektor.parser`
- added `intelmq.bots.parsers.twitter.parser`
- added ``
  * ignore the invalid IP '' for the destination
  * fix the raw/dumped messages, did not contain the paling list previously.
  * use the new harmonization field `tlp` instead of `extra.tlp`.
- `bots.parsers.alienvault.parser_otx`: Save TLP data in the new harmonization field `tlp`.
- added `intelmq.bots.parsers.openphish.parser_commercial`
- added ``
- added `intelmq.bots.parsers.calidog.parser_certstream` for parsing certstream data (#1120).
- added `intelmq.bots.parsers.shodan.parser` for parsing shodan data (#1096).
- change the classification type from 'botnet drone' to infected system' in various parses.
- `intelmq.bots.parsers.spamhaus.parser_cert`: Added support for all known bot types.

#### Experts
- Added sieve expert for filtering and modifying events (#1083)
 * capable of distributing the event to appropriate named queues
- `bots.experts.modify`
  * default rulesets: all malware name mappings have been migrated to the [Malware Name Mapping repository]( ruleset. See the new added contrib tool for download and conversion.
  * new parameter `case_sensitive` (default: True)
- Added wait expert for sleeping
- Added domain suffix expert to extract the TLD/Suffix from a domain name.
- `bots.experts.maxmind_geoip`: New (optional) parameter `overwrite`, by default false. The current default was to overwrite!
- `intelmq.bots.experts.ripencc_abuse_contact`:
  * Extend deprecated parameter compatibility `query_ripe_stat` until 2.0 because of a logic bug in the compatibility code, use `query_ripe_stat_asn` and `query_ripe_stat_ip` instead (#1071, #1291).
  * Handle HTTP status code 404 for DB AS queries.
  * Add caching capability.
- `intelmq/bots/experts/asn_lookup/update-asn-data`: Errors produce proper output on stdout/stderr.
- `intelmq/bots/experts/maxmind_geoip/update-geoip-data`: Errors produce proper output on stdout/stderr.
- `intelmq/bots/experts/tor_nodes/update-tor-nodes`: Errors produce proper output on stdout/stderr.

#### Outputs
- `bots.outputs.file`:
  - String formatting can be used for file names with new parameter `format_filename`.
  - New parameter `single_key` to only save one field.
  - New parameter `encoding_errors_mode` with default value `'strict'` to handle encoding errors for the files written.

### Harmonization
- Renamed `JSON` to `JSONDict` and added a new type `JSON`. `JSONDict` saves data internally as JSON, but acts like a dictionary. `JSON` accepts any valid JSON.
- fixed regex for `protocol.transport` it previously allowed more values than it should have.
- New ASN type. Like integer but checks the range.
- added `destination.urlpath` and `source.urlpath` to harmonization.
- New field `tlp` for tlp level specification.
  - New TLP type. Allows all four tlp levels, removes 'TLP:' prefix and converts to upper case.
- Added new `classification.type` 'vulnerable client'
- Added `(destination|source).domain_suffix` to hold the TLD/domain suffix.
- New allowed value for `classification.type`: `infected system` for taxonomy `malicious code` (#1197).

### Requirements
- Requests is no longer listed as dependency of the core. For depending bots the requirement is noted in their REQUIREMENTS.txt file.

### Documentation
- Use Markdown for README again, as pypi now supports it.
- Developers Guide: Add instructions for pre-release testing.

### Packaging
- Add logcheck configuration to the packages.
- Fix packaging of bash completion script.

### Tests
- Travis now correctly stops if a requirement could not be installed (#1257).
- New tests for validating `etc/feeds.yaml` and `bots/BOTS` using cerberus and schemes are added (#1166).
- New test for checking if `docs/` is up to date with `etc/feeds.yaml`.

### Known bugs
- contrib: feeds-config-generator does not add feed name as parameter (#1314).
- bot debugger requires configured source pipeline (#1307).
- shadowserver parser: drone feed has spam events (#1271).
- debug log level on python 3.7 not applied (#1269).
- `bots.experts.sieve` does not support textX (#1246).
- Bots started with IntelMQ-Manager stop when the webserver is restarted (#952).


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