[Ach] POP3S on Outlook 2007 not supported

Dan Benton dan at dogsbodytechnology.com
Mon Feb 17 19:18:00 CET 2014

On 17/02/14 17:54, Hanno Böck wrote:
> On Mon, 17 Feb 2014 15:52:13 +0000 Dan Benton <dan at dogsbodytechnology.com> wrote:
>> Unfortunately a couple of our customers complained as it stopped
>> their email working.
> I've been using ssl-only-settings since 2004 on our mail servers and I
> can tell you there are zero mainstream mail clients that don't support
> any kind of ssl. Since a very long time.

You seem to have misunderstood me!  Apologies, I can't have been clear.

We too have been running an SSL only setup for a large number of years.

All that we changed this month is to move Dovecot from the default list 
of ciphers (which is the VERY open "ALL:!LOW:!SSLv2:!EXP:!aNULL") to the 
list you publish on bettercrypto.org.

It is when we did this that support for Outlook 2007 broke.

I just thought you might like to know really.

Regards, Dan

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