[Ach] Recent contributions: cipherstring command, Unicode etc

szebi szebi at gmx.at
Wed Dec 25 22:37:59 CET 2013


Since yesterday I made some commits to the paper, from a cryptographic
point of view they are not relevant, but of a technical one.

A short summary of what has been done:

  * In the Webserver-Section I tested Apache and Lighttpd with some
  * The settings for Strict-Transport-Security are uniform for all
    webservers (six months, optionally with subdomains)
  * My primary aim was to get rid of the perlify.pl Script which was not
    an easy task, but got it working. Please use now %*\cipherstringB*)
    in the listings for the cipherstring
  * Copying from the listings got far more easier and you now only have
    to correct the newlines when copying from the PDF, that's not
    avoidable. But everything else should be fine now (e.g. the single
    upquotes for example got curled by LaTeX)
  * The inputencoding is now UTF-8, so you can now use any UTF-8
    character in the .tex-documents like guillemets and umlauts
  * uniformed the sectioning and structure of the practical-settings
    section (using section hierarchy instead of the description lists).

The relevant Pull requests can be seen here:
https://github.com/BetterCrypto/Applied-Crypto-Hardening/pull/15 and

Best regards,
Sebastian «sebix»

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