[Intelmq-users] IntelMQ 2.1.3 Bugfix release

Sebastian Wagner wagner at cert.at
Tue May 26 18:18:17 CEST 2020

Dear community,

We already collected a very long list of bug fixes since the last
release, so it was time to mark the next milestone! As usual, you can
find the list of changes below. The pre-built deb/rpm packages will hit
the repositories very soon.

Installation documentation:
Upgrade documentation:

Full changelog:

### Requirements
- The python library `requests` is (again) listed as dependency of the
core (#1519).

### Core
- `intelmq.lib.upgrades`:
  - Harmonization upgrade: Also check and update regular expressions.
  - Add function to migrate the deprecated parameter `attach_unzip` to
`extract_files` for the mail attachment collector.
  - Add function to migrate changed Taichung URL feed.
  - Check for discontinued Abuse.CH Zeus Tracker feed.
- `intelmq.lib.bot`:
  - `ParserBot.recover_line`: Parameter `line` needs to be optional, fix
usage of fallback value `self.current_line`.
  - `start`: Handle decoding errors in the pipeline different so that
the bot is not stuck in an endless loop (#1494).
  - `start`: Only acknowledge a message in case of errors, if we
actually had a message to dump, which is not the case for collectors.
  - `_dump_message`: Dump messages with encoding errors base64 encoded,
not in JSON format as it's not possible to decode them (#1494).
- `intelmq.lib.test`:
  - `BotTestCase.run_bot`: Add parameters `allowed_error_count` and
`allowed_warning_count` to allow set the number per run, not per test class.
  - Set `source_pipeline_broker` and `destination_pipeline_broker` to
`pythonlist` instead of the old `broker`, fixes
  - Fix test for (allowed) errors and warnings.
- `intelmq.lib.exceptions`:
  - `InvalidKey`: Add `KeyError` as parent class.
  - `DecodingError`: Added, string representation has all relevant
information on the decoding error, including encoding, reason and the
affected string (#1494).
- `intelmq.lib.pipeline`:
  - Decode messages in `Pipeline.receive` not in the implementation's
`_receive` so that the internal counter is correct in case of decoding
errors (#1494).
- `intelmq.lib.utils`:
  - `decode`: Raise new `DecodingError` if decoding fails.

### Harmonization
- `protocol.transport`: Adapt regular expression to allow the value
`nvp-ii` (protocol 11).

### Bots
#### Collectors
- `intelmq.bots.collectors.mail.collector_mail_attach`:
  - Fix handling of deprecated parameter name `attach_unzip`.
  - Fix handling of attachments without filenames (#1538).
- `intelmq.bots.collectors.stomp.collector`: Fix compatibility with
stomp.py versions `> 4.1.20` and catch errors on shutdown.
- `intelmq.bots.collectors.microsoft`:
  - Update `REQUIREMENTS.txt` temporarily fixing deprecated Azure
library (#1530, PR#1532).
  - `intelmq.bots.collectors.microsoft.collector_interflow`: Add method
for printing the file list.

#### Parsers
- `intelmq.bots.parsers.cymru.parser_cap_program`: Support for protocol
11 (`nvp-ii`) and `conficker` type.
- `intelmq.bots.parsers.taichung.parser`: Support more
  - Application Compromise: Apache vulnerability & SQL injections
  - Brute-force: MSSQL & SSH password guess attacks; Office 365, SSH &
SIP attacks
  - C2 Sever: Attack controller
  - DDoS
  - DoS: DNS, DoS, Excess connection
  - IDS Alert / known vulnerability exploitation: backdoor
  - Malware: Malware Proxy
  - Warn on new unknown types.
- `intelmq.bots.parsers.bitcash.parser`: Removed as feed is discontinued.
- `intelmq.bots.parsers.fraunhofer.parser_ddosattack_cnc` and
`intelmq.bots.parsers.fraunhofer.parser_ddosattack_target`: Removed as
feed is discontinued.
- `intelmq.bots.parsers.malwaredomains.parser`: Correctly classify `C&C`
and `phishing` events.
- `intelmq.bots.parsers.shadowserver.parser`: More verbose error message
for missing report specification (#1507).
- `intelmq.bots.parsers.n6.parser_n6stomp`: Always add n6 field `name`
as `malware.name` independent of `category`.
- `intelmq.bots.parsers.anubisnetworks`: Update parser with new data format.
- `intelmq.bots.parsers.bambenek`: Add new feed URLs with Host
`faf.bambenekconsulting.com` (#1525, PR#1526).
- `intelmq.bots.parsers.abusech.parser_ransomware`: Removed, as the feed
is discontinued (#1537).
- `intelmq.bots.parsers.nothink.parser`: Removed, as the feed is
discontinued (#1537).
- `intelmq.bots.parsers.n6.parser`: Remove not allowed characters in the
name field for `malware.name` and write original value to
`event_description.text` instead.

#### Experts
- `intelmq.bots.experts.cymru_whois.lib`: Fix parsing of AS names with
Unicode characters.

#### Outputs
- `intelmq.bots.outputs.mongodb`:
  - Set default port 27017.
  - Use different authentication mechanisms per MongoDB server version
to fix compatibility with server version >= 3.4 (#1439).

### Documentation
- Feeds:
  - Remove unavailable feed Abuse.CH Zeus Tracker.
  - Remove the field `status`, offline feeds should be removed.
  - Add a new field `public` to differentiate between private and public
  - Adding documentation URLs to nearly all feeds.
  - Remove unavailable Bitcash.cz feed.
  - Remove unavailable Fraunhofer DDos Attack feeds.
  - Remove unavailable feed Abuse.CH Ransomware Tracker (#1537).
  - Update information on Bambenek Feeds, many require a license now
  - Remove discontinued Nothink Honeypot Feeds (#1537).
- Developers Guide: Fix the instructions for `/opt/intelmq` file

### Packaging
- Patches: `fix-logrotate-path.patch`: also include path to rotated file
in patch.
- Fix paths from `/opt` to LSB for `setup.py` and
`contrib/logrotate/intelmq` in build process (#1500).
- Add runtime dependency `debianutils` for the program `which`, which is
required for `intelmqctl`.

### Tests
- Dropping Travis tests for 3.4 as required libraries dropped 3.4 support.
- `intelmq.tests.bots.experts.cymru_whois`:
  - Drop missing ASN test, does not work anymore.
  - IPv6 to IPv4 test: Test for two possible results.
- `intelmq.lib.test`: Fix compatibility of logging capture with Python
>= 3.7 by reworking the whole process (#1342).
- `intelmq.bots.collectors.tcp.test_collector`: Removing custom mocking
and bot starting, not necessary anymore.
- Added tests for
- Fix and split
- Added tests for invalid encodings in input messages in
`intelmq.tests.lib.test_bot` and `intelmq.tests.lib.test_pipeline` (#1494).
- Travis: Explicitly enable RabbitMQ management plugin.
- `intelmq.tests.lib.test_message`: Fix usage of the parameter
`blacklist` for Message hash tests (#1539).

### Tools
- `intelmqsetup`: Copy missing BOTS file to IntelMQ's root directory
- `intelmq_gen_docs`: Feed documentation generation: Handle
missing/empty parameters.
- `intelmqctl`:
  - `IntelMQProcessManager`: For the status of running bots also check
the bot ID of the commandline and ignore the path of the executable (#1492).
  - `IntelMQController`: Fix exit codes of `check` command for JSON
output (now 0 on success and 1 on error, was swapped, #1520).
- `intelmqdump`:
  - Handle base64-type messages for show, editor and recovery actions.

### Contrib
- `intelmq/bots/experts/asn_lookup/update-asn-data`: Use
`pyasn_util_download.py` to download the data instead from RIPE, which
cannot be parsed currently (#1517, PR#1518,

### Known issues
- HTTP stream collector: retry on regular connection problems? (#1435).
- Bots started with IntelMQ-Manager stop when the webserver is
restarted. (#952).
- Reverse DNS: Only first record is used (#877).
- Corrupt dump files when interrupted during writing (#870).

// Sebastian Wagner <wagner at cert.at> - T: +43 1 5056416 7201
// CERT Austria - https://www.cert.at/
// Eine Initiative der nic.at GmbH - https://www.nic.at/
// Firmenbuchnummer 172568b, LG Salzburg

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