[Intelmq-users] Request for feedback - IntelMQ 3.0 architecture

L. Aaron Kaplan kaplan at cert.at
Fri May 8 12:36:09 CEST 2020

Dear IntelMQ community,

I hope everyone is fine and most of us are slowly waking up after the Corona lock-down phase ( at least I am, and it's a really good feeling to be able to work concentrated on things again. Let me tell you, home-office with small children is not fun).

In any case, I already had some telcos with some of you regarding our wish list for IntelMQ-3.0. There are some fantastic ideas floating around and since IntelMQ is such a versatile and adaptable tool, it is quite a challenge to capture all the great changes and adaptations people made to it.
The next version of IntelMQ (3.0) will try to capture some of the most needed changes (and some wishes) for you.

I tried to summarise some of these changes in the following document:


May I ask you to review it and send me feedback (kaplan at cert.at)? Also, I'd be very happy to have a telco with you in case that's easier or more natural for you for giving feedback.

Since we would like to start coding soon, it is important to receive *your* input on the next version of IntelMQ.

Thanks for your time!

All the best,

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