[Intelmq-users] IntelMQ Manager 2.2.0

Sebastian Wagner wagner at cert.at
Wed Jun 24 10:02:01 CEST 2020

Dear community,

To get the versions of intelmq and intelmq-manager in sync, we of course
need a 2.2.0 for intelmq-manager too :) The number of changes is very
short this time. However, a migration of the backend from PHP to Python,
coded by Intevation and funded by SUNET, is in progress :)

The deb/rpm packages are currently building, I will send a separate mail
to intelmq-users once the 2.2.0 of intelmq and intelmq-manager packages
have finally hit the repositories.

This IntelMQ Manager version requires IntelMQ >= 2.2.0.
Installation instructions:

Full changelog:

### Backend
- `config`: Get file paths from `intelmctl debug --get-paths` if
possible and fall back to hard-coded paths otherwise. Thereby
environment variables influencing the paths are respected (#193).

### Pages
#### About
- Show output of `intelmqctl debug`.

### Documentation
- Update release from intelmq's release documentation.
- Update Installation documentation: Fix & update dependencies and
supported operating systems.

### Packaging
- Update default `positions.conf` to the default runtime/pipeline
configuration of intelmq >= 2.1.1.

### Known issues
* Missing CSRF protection (#111).
* Graph jumps around on "Add edge" (#148).
* wrong error message for new bots with existing ID (#152).
* `ALLOWED_PATH=` violates CSP (#183).
* Monitor page: Automatic log refresh reset log page to first one (#190).

// Sebastian Wagner <wagner at cert.at> - T: +43 1 5056416 7201
// CERT Austria - https://www.cert.at/
// Eine Initiative der nic.at GmbH - https://www.nic.at/
// Firmenbuchnummer 172568b, LG Salzburg

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