[Ach] It's dead, Jim! - Was: *poke* Is this alive, Jim?

Hümmer Andreas andreas.huemmer at elaxy.com
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So IMHO the conclusion is to find who is currently active and to find new supporters. A project like this must not die!

And well if someone is interested:
I guess that asking some players in the scene for help, like heise, netzpolitik.org or the ccc would be a good start...
...in the second step it might be useful to get support from universities (RUB or FAU might be a good choice) and or official-offices like the BSI.

So, if someone is interested in I suggest a discussion on that on an interactive media (like hangouts, skype)...


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I agree. In an area like this, outdated advice is futile.

Maybe there should be one more round of outreach, trying to recrruit new volunteers.

But if that fails, maybe it's time to let it die and move on.

Aaron Zauner:
> BTW: I also have my doubts about the state of this project at the time. 
> Very few people have been contributing and reviewing suggested changes 
> over the past two-or-more years. Unfortunately this is not a one-off 
> project - it needs maintenance and to be checked regularly for errors, 
> new findings or possible corrections. Unfortunately I don't see that 
> happening at any point in the future. I've voiced similar concern more 
> than two years ago already as people lost interest.


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