[Ach] Thanks for the Logjam blog-post

Axel Hübl axel.huebl at web.de
Thu May 21 14:27:04 CEST 2015

On 21.05.2015 14:20, Sebastian wrote:
> On 05/21/2015 02:13 PM, Pepi Zawodsky wrote:
>>> $ openssl s_client -connect bettercrypto.org:443 -cipher "DHE"
>>> error setting cipher list
>>> 140323196081824:error:1410D0B9:SSL routines:SSL_CTX_set_cipher_list:no
>>> cipher match:ssl_lib.c:1314:
>> Which OpenSSL version are you using on that system?
>> $ openssl version
>> I’ll check later when I get back to my homebase and fire up a penguin
> to see why it behaves differently there.
>> Does it help to specify a full cipher suite like this?
>> openssl s_client -connect bettercrypto.org:443 -cipher
> Yes, that works on Ubuntu 14.04, 12.10 and Debian Wheezy
... but only prints

  Server public key is XYZW bits

and not

  Server Temp Key: DH, ABCD bits

at least with jessie / OpenSSL 1.0.1k


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