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Leon Letto leon at vectronic.ca
Tue May 20 17:21:09 CEST 2014

I tested out this for a few hours a while back and it works great.


It has all the features we could want I think.    Create in one format then
export to any of the following - PDF, HTML, LaTex, ePub or Text.   It
supports creating math formulas and does the hard work of making them look
good in the other formats too which is a big help.

The export and import gives the ability to backup however, if we decided to
use this format - I have some thoughts on how to make it work for us.

They have an FAQ on editing where they support git
http://bbs.notex.ch/viewtopic.php?id=67 - but they can't import yet which
sucks.  They have a git workflow in their forum:

I think if we modify their git option workflow we can get an existing
version of our doc to a shared git owned by us in the proper format:
- You create a new project on NoTex.ch and enable the GIT versioning
- Once you start working, you can click the GIT history button, and you'll
see the current history.
- You should also notice a URL field pointing to something like git://
- move this git to github for us to collaborate on

At this point we are back to doing pull requests on our git version in
NoTex format.   When you want to edit just copy the section you want to
edit from the git and paste it into notex.ch and when done, paste it back
into the git as a pull request.  You can use docker to create a local copy
so you aren't editing on their servers and I suspect you could configure
your local copy to use the git as the source to enable collaboration but
everyone would have to do this themselves which isn't scalable.

If this is a good idea and will help, I would be willing to pay for the
droplet and set it up - but I may need some help with getting the
collaboration working (pointing it to a git on github for example).  Then I
can create accounts for anyone who wants to edit - which is linked to the
same git - which solves the group editing problem.  This may be a bad idea
- I don't know enough to know.

I am not a cryptographer (yet) but I would like to contribute to the group
and this is one way I could.


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