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Here is a short summary from the IETF and the STRINT workshop. (More
infos coming later as soon as my laptop works again). 

I and Azet attended the STRINT workshop last FR and Saturday.
https://www.w3.org/2014/strint/ The website lists a lot of interesting
background reading and position papers.  Worth reading.

Generally, there is a strong trend at the IETF to go towards the
direction of opportunistic encryption by default.

Right now I am sitting in the UTA WG meeting
(https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/charter-ietf-uta/) which overlaps a
lot with the bettercrypto.org project.  In fact at the UTA WG there is
the wish to explicit list the reasoning behind certain cipherstring
choices that we made and document them as IETF I-D.  Hannes Tschofernig
agreed to help us in documenting this.

My feeling is that we should do that since it 
a) gives the project more visibility and 
b) helps us as well in clarifying some choices by explicitly writing
them down and
c) this way our ideas/thoughts and background research might end up as
input for new, strengthed default settings in many software products.

And of course it is also nice to have an RFC I-D :)

Concerning the next meeting:

Monday, 10th of March 18:30 at Karlsplatz again.
Who would be available to come?

See you on Monday.

Physicist are there to find the laws of nature. Engineers are there to work around them

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