[Ach] WiFi recommendations?

szebi szebi at gmx.at
Thu Jan 23 18:59:20 CET 2014

On 01/23/2014 11:39 AM, Aaron Zauner wrote:
> Ortwin Glück wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The paper seems not to have any recommendations to setup wireless access
>> points (hostap, openwrtg come to mind). The basics like PSK lengths,
>> supported algorithms. Looking at the hostapd.conf file, the number of
>> options is extreme. And so is probably the number of mistakes you can make.
> I think we should limit ourselves on online communication for now. So
> IMHO WiFi security is not in scope. Does anyone disagree?
For now I would consider it out of scope according to section "1.4.
Disclaimer and scope":

    In this guide, we restricted ourselves to:
    • Internet-facing /services/
    We explicitly excluded:
    • Wireless Access Points

So this issue is postponed to a later version than the first stable,
which we now try to get ready for reviewing. BUT it would be great if
the first drafts of more (yet-out-of-scope) devices could develop in a
separate branch (a branch per device/service or as "2.x").
> Aaron
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