[Ach] next (physical) meet up : Monday, 20th of Jan 19:30 CET

Tobias Pape Das.Linux at gmx.de
Fri Jan 17 20:46:38 CET 2014

On 17.01.2014, at 20:08, L. Aaron Kaplan <kaplan at cert.at> wrote:

> On Jan 17, 2014, at 6:44 PM, Aaron Zauner <azet at azet.org> wrote:
>> L. Aaron Kaplan wrote:
>>> Anything else? If you want something on the agenda, please tell me or reply to this mail.
>> Merging sebix's pull request :)
> Yes!! But we both said we'd finally do that this weekend, right :)
> It's sort of important to get this in before we merge in other PRs.

I have looked at it.
I have no comments content wise but regarding the listings-handling.
sebix has (and I had tried myself) tried to avoid the perl preprocessing.
While he got further than me, I would be reluctant to his approach for a few reasons.

1. The method requires a manual framing, as the manually inserted cipherstring 
   messes with listings.sty’s box-size calculation. On its own, this is not as 
   big a problem, but it has an ugly side effect (see first attachment, frame.png)

2. The line-broken cipher sting copies as
   Which is a bit problematic, intended and automatic line breaks are indistinguishable.
   You can define explicit eol-markers, but they end up in the copy-paste text.
   (For example, the popular hooked arrow would spill in the copied cipher string)
     I would recommend an easily distinguishable end-of-line + beginning-of-line marker
   (see 2nd attachment, redbackslash.png), which would copy as
   Note that
   * the entire line is on one line,
   * the explicit line-start and line-end markers are unambiguous and
   * can be easily search-replaced (eg s/\\\ \\//g)

I am not opposed to the change but I would nevertheless prepare another pr that
* makes this red-backslash thing
* explains it in the intro section
* Removes all listings from the .tex files and includes them manually (eg, as apache.conf)
  * side effect: people browsing the github page can directly look at
    the config files.

* If applicable, do the automatic generation/replacement in the config files (not the .tex files)
  * probably with sed, as I don’t really know perl, and it can be done in the makefile directly.
  * side effect 2: the people could download the correct config files directly, no need for copy and paste
    (but we would have to version them :( )

Sorry for the long text, i had no time writing a shorter one


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