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Axel Hübl axel.huebl at web.de
Tue Jan 7 13:38:28 CET 2014

I could not agree more.

Crazy C get's totally against the scope of this document: providing
_relyable_ crypto.

If someone reads that document and goes for "see, they still list it as
compatible, provide it!" the document lost it's main point.


On 07.01.2014 13:08, Pepi Zawodsky wrote:
> On 07.01.2014, at 11:55, ianG <iang at iang.org> wrote:
>> Suite C:  maximum compatibility
> This is what every other guide on the internet already does. We'll _never_ get to improve the current state if we keep supporting fubared stuff. If we want the broadest compatibility let's switch back to plaintext. Works fine with my NCSA Mosaic. :-)
> In my opinion Sweet A is where we should be. Yes, this is a forward-looking setting. It sill shall point the direction everyone should be headed for. Bravo B is still considered secure as to our best of knowledge today™ which still supports a wide array of deployed software without unsafe compromises on the security aspect.
> I oppose the introduction of a Crazy C cipher that supports every client as this scenario would contradict the goal of the project as I see it. bettercompatibility.org is still available. :-)
> Best regards
> Pepi
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