[Ach] KexAlgorithms: curve25519-sha256 at libssh.org

Aaron Zauner azet at azet.org
Sun Jan 5 23:19:48 CET 2014

Hi Axel,

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On 05 Jan 2014, at 22:31, Axel Hübl <axel.huebl at web.de> wrote:

> Hey Aaron,
> I just tested the KexAlgorithms again, and I can not get
>> curve25519-sha256 at libssh.org
> running on my Debian jessie:
>> Unsupported KEX algorithm "curve25519-sha256 at libssh.org"
>> ...
>> ssh -V OpenSSH_6.4p1 Debian-2, OpenSSL 1.0.1f-dev xx XXX xxxx
> Can you confirm that?
Confirmed on Debian jessie.

> Is that a Debian or a OpenSSH related bug?

I just browsed all of the source and openssh-dev mailing list archive, seems that the patch was accepted but not integrated (as I though it’ll be months ago) into the current or last release.
Also waiting on upstream support of ChaCha20/Poly1305.

I’ve just removed the entry from the document myself. Let’s see if there’s going to be support for that in the future. Mea culpa.

Thanks for noticing,

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