[Ach] regarding the issue of copy & pasting from the PDF

Tobias Pape Das.Linux at gmx.de
Sat Jan 4 21:27:08 CET 2014


On 04.01.2014, at 20:14, L. Aaron Kaplan <kaplan at cert.at> wrote:

> Hi Tobias,
> I inspected your pull request (source code) and then pulled in your changes, then made a pdf and noticed that
> the footer did not show up anymore and also I did not see the img/draft.png in the background of the PDF.
> So, I temporarily reverted this now. Seems like your TeX foo is a few orders of magnitude better than mine ;-)
> I.e.: I don't see where the bug lies. 
> Could it be that for me line 27 in your patch does not get triggered?
> (" \includegraphics[width=\paperwidth]{img/draft}}" )

So, the whole draft thing is toggled by the draft class option:

line 6: \documentclass[draft]{scrreprt}

when this is present, the following kicks in:

% for development
  %% Heavy debugging

Which actually activates the whole stuff.

That is, if the draft option in documentclass is _not_ present,
neither the watermark nor the git-revision are showing.

Can you please send me your applied-crypto-hardening.log,
so that I can inspect what is not working on your side?

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