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Aaron Zauner azet at azet.org
Wed Feb 12 16:48:54 CET 2014


Since I’ve recently ended up fixing OpenSSL code in different FOSS projects
which were horribly broken (not going into details as of now) I’ve come
across two good books on the subject (after looking up dozens of useless
ones on Safari, including the Oreilly book on OpenSSL):



Might be useful to some of you, I’m not sure if we should include this in
the “further reading” section, since that’s quite advanced and people
dealing with implementing TLS should be familiar with cryptology. After
reading through badly used OpenSSL code the last couple of days I feel it
should be mandatory for any developer trying his luck at SSL libraries to
read Cryptography Engineering first. It’s a mess what some projects put
onto the web.

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