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Brown, Scott Scott.Brown at cert.gov.au
Fri Nov 15 04:46:50 CET 2013

I'd +1 this.  

This helps in two ways:

 - If you have a pro-active admin, its more fuel/ammo for them to use the config. 
 - If they are a "reluctant" admin, it's harder for them to say no/push back when there is justification on why settings should be changed/applied....

Just my 2c.

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I just sent the paper to a collegue of mine who made a good remark: Whats completely missing is a justification for the settings we dropped in the paper - i.e. i'd suggest to add a short paragraph after every verbatim config text that reads "Justification: [...]" explaining why we chose those settings in addition we should add a second paragraph "Note on compability: [...]" explaining for example which parts of the configuration won't work with older versions of daemons (think apache, ssh, nginx,..) and which parts break certain clients. This is paramount since administrators will not deploy settings if they find out they do not work in practice - which would make the paper quite useless.

Whats your opinion?

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