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L. Aaron Kaplan kaplan at cert.at
Tue Dec 17 03:18:42 CET 2013

Hi list,

short summary of what we achieved today (spoiler alert: there is still a lot to be done - but that was to be expected):

You can always see the latest version on www.bettercrypto.org.

* restructured the whole document as \documentclass{report}. This means we now have chapters, sections, subsections and subsubsections ;-) 
Effect: it is more readable.  

* The document was split into 4 main parts (\chapters{}):
  1. introduction part (disclaimer, how to read this document, ...)
  2. practical settings (the Copy & paste part)
  3. theory (include as much or little crypto theory as you like here. But note that it makes more sense to link to more professional papers or books
  4. appendix

* Appendix: New IANA cipher names to OpenSSL cipher names section (thanks *a lot* CM. This seems to be very practical for reference purposes). @CM: how did you do this? This seems very very practical.

* Practical settings: Cisco recommendations came in (thanks Karsten Iwen, Aaron Zauner)
* Practical settings: DB section nearly complete (thanks Berg San! )
* Theory: Adi re-worked the "choosing your own ciphers" section (thanks Adi)
* Theory: a balanced section on PKIs (thanks Thomas Schreck!)

* Intro: re-wrote the abstract section (Aaron Kaplan (AK))
* Intro: re-wrote the disclaimer section (AK)
* Intro: added soviet propaganda poster on page 4 for the fun of it (AK) 
* General: added \epigraph macro. This makes reading the document so much more fun (AK)
* Intro: added initial flow chart on how to read this document (AK)

Important for editors:
* General: now you can add a @@@CIPHERSTRINGB@@@ token any .tex document and it will be expanded to whatever text is written in the file cipherStringB.txt. This works because the makefile now calles ./perlify.pl and that does basically a search and replace over all .tex files and generates *_generated.tex files which can be included (\input{}) into the main document. (AK)


My personal wish list for version 1:
[ ] have everything tested and "signed-off" by a tester
[ ] good reviewers who really take time to find bugs
[ ] having the same structure as in webservers.tex in every section of chapter 2.
[ ] a section on MS Exchange
[ ] nicer layout
[ ] proper bib entries everywhere where it makes sense
[ ] cleaned up the theory chapters. That still looks a bit messy.
[ ] a SHA-1 section from Florian
[ ] Klaus (nic.at) might be able to add a section on SIP (?)
[ ] Add a list of things we excluded for now in version 1 ("out of scope for now" ) to the appendix section.

I'll skip x-mas if I get these presents ;-) I promise. Don't need anything else.


Now the big question: are we ready for reviewers yet? My gut feeling is no. Especially the theoretical section still needs lots of work in my humble opinion. But nevertheless we should start handing it out to reviewers. We need to make progress quickly. Pepi and Azet want to present the paper at the CCC on the 27th of January.

In this sense: please distribute the current version on the web page to reviewers.
Let reviewers know, that we have a github account, they can fork it and send us pull requests or diffs. Or plain emails with change recommendations.

Alright. Have a good night, time to catch some sleep.


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