[Intelmq-users] RIPE Expert Geolocation data (currently) not available anymore

Sebastian Wagner wagner at cert.at
Tue Mar 17 17:14:37 CET 2020


I just noticed, that RIPE currently does not provide geolocation
information anymore as a result of the MaxMind data license change. That
data can/could be queried with the IntelMQ RIPE expert. In case you are
still relying on this information, please use another source for
geolocation data, like the maxmind geolocation expert and local data.
Unfortunately, the returned status code of the API call is 200 and the
error is only detectable by another field. I am working on changes in
the RPIE expert to detect this and raise a warning for it.

best regards,

For example

0 	"info"
1 	"This data is currently unavailable due to maintenance. Please check
official announcements for when it will be available again!
data_call_status 	"maintenance - this data call is in maintenance mode"

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