[Intelmq-users] IntelMQ 2.0.1 Bugfix release

Sebastian Wagner wagner at cert.at
Fri Aug 23 16:00:49 CEST 2019

Dear community,

I just released version 2.0.1 of IntelMQ, the first bugfix release for
the 2.x series, published in May. This is also the first 2.0 release
which will hit the deb/rpm stable repositories. If you are using them,
you'll receive the update in the next few hours.

The version further introduces a new intelmqctl command: intelmqctl
upgrade-conf. This command takes care of changed configurations, or
newly added parameters. Call it after every upgrade, as documented in
the Upgrade documentation linked below. The tools updates the
configuration if necessary and creates backup files on it's own. If it
can't fix the issues automatically, it will show you an error message. A
side effect is, that intelmq now saves a "state" of itself in
/var/lib/intelmq/state.json or /opt/intelmq/var/lib/state.json depending
on your setup.

Install documentation:
Upgrade documentation:

As always: read the NEWS file, upgrade according to the documentation
and have fun! If you get any errors, please report them here or in the
bug tracker.

The full changelog:

### Core
- `intelmq.lib.harmonization`:
  - `IPAddress`: Remove Scope/Zone IDs for IPv6 addresses in sanitation.
  - All types: Handle `None` for validation and sanitation gracefully.
- `intelmq.lib.bot`:
  - fix parameters of ParserBot and CollectorBot constructors, allowing
`intelmqctl run` with these bots again (#1414).
  - Also run `rate_limit` after retry counter reset (#1431).
- `__version_info__`:
  - is now available in the top level module.
  - uses integer values now instead of strings for numerical version parts
- Also provide (empty) `ROOT_DIR` for non-pip installations.
- `intelmq.lib.upgrades`: New library file `upgrades` with upgrade
- `intelmq.lib.utils`:
  - New function `setup_list_logging` for intelmqctl check an possibly
    - Fix return values (#1423).
  - New function `version_smaller` for version comparisons.
  - New function `lazy_int` for version conversions.
  - `parse_logline`: Handle thread IDs.
  - `log` takes a new argument `logging_level_stream` for the logging
level of the console handler.
  - New constant `LOG_FORMAT_SIMPLE`, used by intelmqctl.
  - New function `write_configuration` to write dicts to files in the
correct json formatting.
  - New function `create_request_session_from_bot`.
- `intelmq.lib.pipeline`:
  - AMQP:
    - Actually use `source/destination_pipeline_amqp_virtual_host`
    - Support for SSL with `source/destination_pipeline_ssl` parameter.
  - pipeline base class: add missing dummy methods.
  - Add missing return types.
  - Redis: Evaluate return parameter of queue/key deletion.
- Variable `STATE_FILE_PATH` added.

### Development
- `intelmq.bin.intelmq_gen_docs`: For yaml use `safe_load` instead of
unsafe `load`.

### Harmonization
- IPAddress type: Remove Scope/Zone IDs for IPv6 addresses in sanitation.
- TLP: Sanitation handles now more cases: case-insensitive prefixes and
arbitrary whitespace between the prefix and the value (#1420).

### Bots
#### Collectors
- `intelmq.bots.collectors.http.collector_http`: Use
- `intelmq.bots.collectors.http.collector_http_stream`: Use
`utils.create_request_session_from_bot` and thus fix some retries on
connection timeouts.
- `intelmq.bots.collectors.mail.collector_mail_url`: Use
- `intelmq.bots.collectors.microsoft.collector_interflow`: Use
`utils.create_request_session_from_bot` and thus fix retries on
connection timeouts.
- `intelmq.bots.collectors.rt.collector_rt`: Use
`utils.create_request_session_from_bot` and thus fix retries on
connection timeouts.
- `intelmq.bots.collectors.twitter.collector_twitter`: Use
`utils.create_request_session_from_bot` and thus fix retries on
connection timeouts for non-twitter connections.

#### Parsers
- `intelmq.bots.parsers.n6.parser_n6stomp`: use `malware-generic`
instead of `generic-n6-drone` for unknown infected system events.
- `intelmq.bots.parsers.abusech.parser_ip`: Support LastOnline column in
feodo feed (#1400) and use it for `time.source` if available.
  - Use lower case malware names as default, should not make a
difference in practice.
  - Fix handling of CSV header for feodotracker (#1417, #1418).
- `intelmq.bots.parsers.netlab_360.parser`: Detect feeds with `https://`

#### Experts
- `intelmq.bots.experts.generic_db_lookup`: Recommend psycopg2-binary
- `intelmq.bots.experts.modify.expert`:
  - Compile regular expressions (all string rules) at initialization,
improves the speed.
  - Warn about old configuration style deprecation.
- `intelmq.bots.experts.do_portal.expert`:
  - Use `utils.create_request_session_from_bot` and thus fix retries on
connection timeouts (#1432).
  - Treat "502 Bad Gateway" as timeout which can be retried.
- `intelmq.bots.experts.ripe.expert`: Use
`utils.create_request_session_from_bot` and thus fix retries on
connection timeouts.
- `intelmq.bots.experts.url2fqdn.expert`: Support for IP addresses in
hostnames (#1416).
- `intelmq.bots.experts.national_cert_contact_certat.expert`: Use
`utils.create_request_session_from_bot` and thus fix retries on
connection timeouts.

#### Outputs
- `intelmq.bots.outputs.postgresql`: Recommend psycopg2-binary package.
- `intelmq.bots.outputs.amqptopic`:
  - Shutdown: Close connection only if connection exists.
  - Add support for pika > 1. Pika changed the way it indicates
(Non-)Acknowledgments of sent messages.
  - Gracefully handle unroutable messages and give advice.
  - Support for connections without authentication.
  - Replace deprecated parameter `type` with `exchange_type` for
`exchange_declare`, supporting pika >= 0.11 (#1425).
  - New parameters `message_hierarchical_output`, `message_with_type`,
  - New parameter `use_ssl` for SSL connections.
  - New parameter `single_key` for sending single fields instead of the
full event.
- `intelmq.bots.outputs.mongodb.output`: Support for pymongo >= 3.0.0
(#1063, PR#1421).
- `intelmq.bots.outputs.file`: `time.*` field serialization: support for
- `intelmq.bots.outputs.mongodb.output`: Support for authentication in
pymongo >= 3.5 (#1062).
- `intelmq.bots.outputs.restapi.output`: Use
`utils.create_request_session_from_bot` and thus fix retries on
connection timeouts.

### Documentation
- Add certbund-contact to the ecosystem document.
- Rename the IDEA expert to "IDEA Converter".
- Add the new configuration upgrade function to the docs.
- User Guide:
  - Clarify on Uninstallation

### Packaging
- Do not execute the tcp collector tests during debian and ubuntu builds
as they fail there.

### Tests
- `intelmq.lib.test`: Disable statistics for test runs of bots.
- `contrib.malware_name_mapping`: Added tests.
- Travis: Also run tests of contrib.

### Tools
- `intelmqsetup`: Only change directory ownerships if necessary.
- `intelmqctl`:
  - Provide new command `upgrade-conf` to uprade configuration to a
newer version.
    - Makes backups of configurations files on its own.
    - Also checks for previously skipped or new functions of older
versions and catches up.
  - Provides logging level on class layer.
  - Fix `-q` flag for `intelmqctl list queues` by renaming its
alternative name to `--non-zero` to avoid a name collision with the
global `--quiet` parameter.
  - For console output the string `intelmqctl: ` at the beginning of
each line is no longer present.
  - `check`: Support for the state file added. Checks if it exists and
all upgrade functions have been executed successfully.
  - Waits for up to 2 seconds when stopping a bot (#1434).
  - Exits early on restart when stopping a bot did not work (#1434).
  - `intelmqctl run process -m` debugging: Mock acknowledge method if
incoming message is mocked too, otherwise a different message is
  - Queue listing for AMQP: Support non-default monitoring URLs, see

### Contrib
* logcheck rules: Adapt ignore rule to cover the instance IDs of bot names.
* malware name mapping:
  - Ignore lines in mapping starting with '#'.
  - Optionally include malpedia data.
  - Fix command line parsing for not arguments (#1427).
- bash-completion: Support for `intelmqctl upgrade-config` added.

### Known issues
- http stream collector: retry on regular connection problems? (#1435)
- tests: capture logging with context manager (#1342)
- Bots started with IntelMQ-Manager stop when the webserver is
restarted. (#952)
- n6 parser: mapping is modified within each run (#905)
- reverse DNS: Only first record is used (#877)
- Corrupt dump files when interrupted during writing (#870)

// Sebastian Wagner <wagner at cert.at> - T: +43 1 5056416 7201
// CERT Austria - https://www.cert.at/
// Eine Initiative der nic.at GmbH - https://www.nic.at/
// Firmenbuchnummer 172568b, LG Salzburg

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