[Intelmq-users] 1.0.1 bugfix release

Sebastian Wagner wagner at cert.at
Wed Aug 30 16:47:54 CEST 2017

Dear community,

I just released the bug fix release IntelMQ 1.0.1.

The existing bugs which have not been fixed in time have been moved to
the 1.0.2 milestone (10 bugs).

For upgrade instructions look at the documentation:

Updated packages have been built and are available in the repositories.

From the changelog:

### Documentation
- Feeds: use more https:// URLs
- minor fixes

### Bots
- bots/experts/ripencc_abuse_contact/expert.py: Use HTTPS URLs for
- bots/outputs/file/output.py: properly close the file handle on shutdown

### Core
- lib/bot: Bots will now log the used intelmq version at startup

### Tools
- intelmqctl: To check the status of a bot, the comandline of the
running process is compared to the actual executable of the bot.
Otherwise unrelated programs with the same PID are detected as running bot.
- intelmqctl: the "enable", "disable", "check", "clear" commands now
support the JSON output


// Sebastian Wagner <wagner at cert.at> - T: +43 1 5056416 7201
// CERT Austria - https://www.cert.at/
// Eine Initiative der nic.at GmbH - https://www.nic.at/
// Firmenbuchnummer 172568b, LG Salzburg

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