[Intelmq-users] Clean-MX feeds?

Sebastian Wagner wagner at cert.at
Thu Aug 3 12:31:40 CEST 2017


On 08/03/2017 11:33 AM, Tomislav Protega wrote:
> > The user agent has to be configured in the parameter
> > 'http_user_agent' in the bot's config.
> I know this. I did test clean-mx bot with included useragent.
> It's like useragent is not being recognized and there's no event data.
So you get a blank page back or the same "error message" as if you did
not supply a user agent?

My user-agent has two parts, a user-readable 'description' and a hex-string.
> It seems like our defined useragent is either not accepted by them or
> something else. And that's why I said we didn't get their e-mail
> confirmation if our defined useragent is accepted by them.
> Probably this is why it's not working.
Sorry, I can't help with this.
> Do you have any info if Clean-MX has some new policy restrictions
> concerning registering new useragent?
No. I only have access for development purpose and I did not get it myself.


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