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[CERT-daily] Tageszusammenfassung - Freitag 21-12-2012

Daily end-of-shift report team at
Fri Dec 21 18:13:23 CET 2012

= End-of-Shift report =

Timeframe:   Donnerstag 20-12-2012 18:00 − Freitag 21-12-2012 18:00
Handler:     Stephan Richter
Co-Handler:  L. Aaron Kaplan

*** WordPress 3.4.2 Sessions Not Terminated Upon Explicit User Logout ***
Topic: WordPress 3.4.2 Sessions Not Terminated Upon Explicit User Logout Risk: Low Text:*Summary = WordPress 3.4.2 fails to invalidate a user's sessions upon logout. WordPress was originally notified of...

*** HPSBUX02835 SSRT100763 rev.1 - HP-UX Running BIND, Remote Domain Name Revalidation ***

*** Vuln: Squid cachemgr.cgi Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability ***
Squid cachemgr.cgi Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability

*** QNAP-NAS anfällig für cross-site-scripting (XSS) ***
Twitter-User @rootdial ist aufgefallen, dass in manchen Web-Anwendungen des QNAP-NAS nicht richtig geprüft wird, was übergeben wird.
So ist z.B. die Photostation und die TVStation anfällig für XSS.

*** CA20121220-01: Security Notice for CA IdentityMinder ***
CA Technologies Support is alerting customers to two potential risks in
CA IdentityMinder (formerly known as CA Identity Manager). Two
vulnerabilities exist that can allow a remote attacker to execute
arbitrary commands, manipulate data, or gain elevated access. CA
Technologies has issued patches to address the vulnerability.

*** VMWare posts some updates, (Fri, Dec 21st) ***
Just in the case the world doesnt come to a grinding halt today (end of Mayan calendar and all that)....  .... VMWare has posted some updates that you might want to pay attention to over at:  There are as many as 13 different CVEs covered in this update, so make sure, if you are affected, to patch!    -- Joel Esler | | (c) SANS Internet Storm Center. Creative

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