[Ach] Let's Encrypt + TLSA, DANE, HPKP, ... - was: bettercrypto.org certificate has expired today

Gunnar Haslinger gh.bettercrypto at hitco.at
Wed Mar 8 16:53:01 CET 2017

Am 2017-03-08 16:32, schrieb Hanno Böck:
> This is one of the reasons why these days I tend to advise against HPKP
> with the exception of high risk sites. There's just far too much that
> can go wrong with HPKP.

Several possibilities to handle this risk:

Use Let's Encrypt with your custom CSR, recycle your CSR when renewing 
(which means reusing the KeyPair). No changes in TLSA-Records or HPKP 
needed, because stable Keypair.

If you used the certbot to create everything for you, you can still 
switch to CSR-Mode as long as you have access to your 
Pub/Priv-RSA-Keypair of your current certificate.

When you like to Change the Keypair:
1) do it early, so you have time to insert additional HPKP and TLSA 
2) do it with the prepared spare-Key. HPKP enforces you to have a 
Backup-Keypair, only pinning one PubKey doesn't work, RFC says you have 
to have at least one Backup Key pinned which is currently unused. 
Browsers don't enforce the HPKP-mechanism if you don't use an unused 
Backup-Key (at least I checked this with Chrome and Firefox).

But I agree with Hanno: If you feel uncomftable to handle this 
technology right, better don't use it. High chance something goes wrong, 
because not doing it the right way.

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