[Ach] Comming back to live

Hümmer Andreas andreas.huemmer at elaxy.com
Tue Apr 25 13:10:48 CEST 2017

Hi to all!

Well obviously there has some work to  be done in order to get this very useful (re)source of knowledge up to date.

As far as I can see we have to find solutions for the following topics:

- Identify and name who is in charge here (entirely and/or partially) (this would also be useful for an imprint on the website)
- Identify who is willing to contribute or help this project in one way or another
- recruit some new (or reactivate old) helpers and contributors
- make some noise in the web to get more attention (advertisement/promotion/interviews/articles)
- bring the website up to date (and may extend the website to "all" crypto relevant stuff...)
- make updates to the primary document

- and at least for me: create a "detailed" guide/howto on how to participate with the git-repo and the tex based document 

Any other thoughts or ideas or suggestions welcome.

I suggest we ll gather what comes out of this threat until the end of may. End of may we ll organize a Videocon (hangouts or whatever) for further discussions in which we re trying to find and name concrete messures to be taken to achieve our goal: making bettercrypto.org alive and kicking.

So please help us to get this done!

Andreas Hümmer

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