[Ach] Contributing on GitHub (etc)

Aaron Zauner azet at azet.org
Tue Dec 20 13:45:15 CET 2016


Since we're getting a lot of duplicate PRs and often the same
questions in PR discussions as on list in the past, I've taken some
time to merge the `FAQ.md` file with a newly created
`CONTRIBUTING.md` I've put in the ACH repo on GitHub. CONTRIBUTING
files are automatically displayed once somebody opens a Pull Request
on GitHub, which is very useful in my experience and many bigger
projects make use of them for basic guidelines on how to contribute
to a project. I've collected a few important items and also resources 
for git and LaTeX basics so people that are unfamiliar with these topics
may have less of a burden starting out. I hope this helps. Feel free
to extend this text, just keep in mind that it shouldn't get too
verbose, otherwise people will not bother to properly read it.


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