[Ach] Secure E-Mail Transport based on DNSSec/TLSA/DANE

Gunnar Haslinger gh.bettercrypto at hitco.at
Sun Nov 1 12:21:13 CET 2015


Austrian "Communications Authority" (Rundfunk und Telekom
Regulierungs-GmbH) invites to a Workshop "E-Mail-Security, What
providers can contribute" this week (5th November, in Vienna).
See Website: https://www.rtr.at/de/inf/E_Mail_Sicherheit05112015

As I spent the last weekends figuring out how DNSSec, BIND, Postfix ...
work together and should be configured to build a Secure E-Mail
Transport based on DANE, I'm looking forward to attend this workshop.

I wrote a practically oriented paper about this topic.
It's still in work - so status is "Draft"!
And sorry - it't written in german, but as I know many of you come from
the german speaking part of europe maybe there is somebody interested in.

I uploaded the paper here:

FYI: The Domain "it-sec.ovh" is just a DNSSec enabled Demo-Domain used
for implementing a Secure E-Mail Transport based on DANE, if somebody
likes to test his/her system against mine you are welcome to do so.

Feedback regarding my paper is highly welcome.


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