[Ach] OpenSSL Cipher Strings: kDHE/kECDHE

Peter Ulber pu at uni-konstanz.de
Mon Mar 9 17:20:09 CET 2015


today we had a talk about mod_ssl and mod_tls. While discussing the matter we had taken a look at the configuration tool offered by Mozilla:


Because I mainly use GnuTLS I am not that familiar with OpenSSL Cipher Strings, so I want to ask, if someone can explain the meaning of kEDH/kDHE and kEECDH/kECDHE? As far as I understand, that one should not use ADH because of MITM attacks. But why one would use DHE/ECDHE with anonymous cipher suites? Is that not as vulnerable to MITM attacks as ADH/AECDH? 

Here is, what the manual and the wiki say:


but because there is no ADHE or AECDHE I'm not sure I understand the meaning of kDHE and kECDHE. Overall I find the notation of the cipher suites which OpenSSL is using very confusing ... compared to GnuTLS ;-)

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