[Ach] OpenVPN and ACH

Alexander Wuerstlein arw at cs.fau.de
Thu Feb 19 16:53:12 CET 2015

On 2015-02-19T16:26, Aaron Zauner <azet at azet.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> L. Aaron Kaplan wrote:
> > 
> > No, I disagree. Not mentioning OpenVPN and the issues you are seeing 
> > makes the guide *weaker* than having it in there with *clear* warnings.
> > Why? Because people will use OpenVPN *anyway*.
> > No matter if you remove the OpenVPN section or not.
> > Better to have a clear message on this.
> [...]
> I do see OpenVPN as a security concern, and have for quite some time.
> There are better alternatives [...]

There are better alternatives to OpenVPN? I'm currently unaware of any
usable OpenSource software that would do the same (i.e. routed VPN via
plain TCP or UDP connections).


Alexander Wuerstlein.

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