[Ach] meet-up in Vienna (it's about time)

L. Aaron Kaplan kaplan at cert.at
Tue Dec 8 17:51:21 CET 2015

Dear list-members, better crypto authors and contributors,

It's quite some time ago that we had a physical meet-up. I'd like to have one in December again.
In the meantime a lot of things changed in the *-SSL world:
  * PCI will require to shut down TLSv1 by June 2016 [1]. This will have a big impact if all credit-card processing websites are forced to these changes.
  * new attacks were in the media (and are not yet prominently explained in our guide). Also weakdh and openssh settings differ between weakdh.org and bettercrypto.org
  * ... etc.
So there are a ton of things to talk about.

How about a meet-up on the 17th of Dec after work?

I know azet is not in Vienna. Many of you won't be either.
For those not present , we can have a video conf.

(I'll still announce the details such as location and the exact time).


[1] http://www.dynamicnet.net/2015/05/tlsv1-0-and-pci-compliance/

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