[Ach] New SSL config with Entourage email client

Sebastian sebix at sebix.at
Wed Nov 26 21:21:42 CET 2014

A Blogpost [1] from August 27th, 2013 only lists DES (so no AES) for
Entourage v12 on Mac OSX v10.4.11. They also mention how they came to
this result:

    For actual email programs, we tested by running an “openssl” server
    on a secure IMAP port with debugging enabled. This logged the
    encryption techniques (ciphers) shared by the client and server as
    well as the one chosen.

Hope this helps,


On 2014-11-26 21:08, A. Schulze wrote:
> Dan Benton:
>> Anyone know what ciphers Entourage uses
> you could capture the raw tcp traffic using tcpdump/wireshark
> and check what ciphers the client announce...
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