[Ach] POP3S on Outlook 2007 not supported

Dan Benton dan at dogsbodytechnology.com
Fri Mar 7 12:10:23 CET 2014

Apologies for not replying to this sooner

On 17/02/14 21:08, Adi Kriegisch wrote:
> I tested this setting with Outlook 2007 on Win 7 and they worked fine. Is
> it possible that you're testing from WinXP? -- Then this is a known issue:
> The WinXP crypto stack does not support any of the current ciphers.

Yes, this was WinXP! Thank you, I didn't realise that the program and 
the OS were so linked (irony).

Roll on 8th April 2014

Thank you for your help.


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