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Hello Tobias,

On 01/17/2014 08:46 PM, Tobias Pape wrote:
> On 17.01.2014, at 20:08, L. Aaron Kaplan <kaplan at cert.at
> <mailto:kaplan at cert.at>> wrote:
>> On Jan 17, 2014, at 6:44 PM, Aaron Zauner <azet at azet.org
>> <mailto:azet at azet.org>> wrote:
>>> L. Aaron Kaplan wrote:
>>>> Anything else? If you want something on the agenda, please tell me
>>>> or reply to this mail.
>>> Merging sebix's pull request :)
>> Yes!! But we both said we'd finally do that this weekend, right :)
>> It's sort of important to get this in before we merge in other PRs.
> I have looked at it.
> I have no comments content wise but regarding the listings-handling.
> sebix has (and I had tried myself) tried to avoid the perl preprocessing.
> While he got further than me, I would be reluctant to his approach for
> a few reasons.
> 1. The method requires a manual framing, as the manually inserted
> cipherstring
> messes with listings.sty’s box-size calculation. On its own, this is
> not as
> big a problem, but it has an ugly side effect (see first attachment,
> frame.png)
I just fixed that. I used the old texlive 2012 and after upgrading it's
the same here, that was just a margin set too low.
> 2. The line-broken cipher sting copies as
> -->8---
> SSLCipherSuite
> --8<---
> Which is a bit problematic, intended and automatic line breaks are
> indistinguishable.
> You can define explicit eol-markers, but they end up in the copy-paste
> text.
> (For example, the popular hooked arrow would spill in the copied
> cipher string)
Yes, defining linebreaks using \- is not useful here, this is exactly
what we want to prevent. I therefore chose this method as I'm of the
opinion that our target readers recognize for themselves that these 2
linebreaks need to be removed.
For the other linebreaks, outside the cipherstring a backslash is
inserted which can be left as-is or be removed along with the newline-break.
> I would recommend an easily distinguishable end-of-line +
> beginning-of-line marker
> (see 2nd attachment, redbackslash.png), which would copy as
> -->8---
> \:+AES128:+SSLv3:!aNULL:!eNULL:!LOW:!3DES:!MD5:!EXP:!PSK:!DSS:!RC4:!SEED:!\
> --8<---
> Note that
> * the entire line is on one line,
> * the explicit line-start and line-end markers are unambiguous and
> * can be easily search-replaced (eg s/\\\ \\//g <smb:////g>)
What do you change in the code to get the string copied in one line,
while the string is displayed wrapped in the PDF? I know that this
should be possible, but couldn't reconstruct it yet. FreiesMagazin
<http://www.freiesmagazin.de/> (a german magazine about free software)
has a solution which displays an arrow at linebreaks - which doesn't get
copied (!) - and is not wrapped in the copied text. This is great and
exactly what we want. But I would need some time to extract the relevant
code from there <http://www.freiesmagazin.de/extras#latex> and integrate
it in our's.

But I can't get warm with your proposal to insert slashes at the end and
at the beginning of each line. It has a more complicated appearance to
the reader and more work is needed to get them removed.
And red color is distracting, which should be avoided if not really needed.

But both proposals are better than the situation we have now in the
official repository.
> I am not opposed to the change but I would nevertheless prepare
> another pr that
> * makes this red-backslash thing
> * explains it in the intro section
> * Removes all listings from the .tex files and includes them manually
> (eg, as apache.conf)
> * side effect: people browsing the github page can directly look at
> the config files.
That's whatsoever a useful change, also in relation to other output
formats, see also below.
> * If applicable, do the automatic generation/replacement in the config
> files (not the .tex files)
> * probably with sed, as I don’t really know perl, and it can be done
> in the makefile directly.
> * side effect 2: the people could download the correct config files
> directly, no need for copy and paste
> (but we would have to version them :( )
I also thought of this. It could work like this:
wget "bettercrypto.org/apache"
downloads you the current prefered config to the current directory.
Another possibilty would be to provide on this URL the section, but
"inverted", so text becomes commented out and the listings are as-is. :)
So ready for integrating into your config.

And in the HTML-Version we could insert a link for every relevant
listing which points to the plain listing, so our readers can use that
URL to download the config onto their servers.
> Sorry for the long text, i had no time writing a shorter one
Thanks for beginning this discussion, I really appreciate your efforts
on the project's TeX-code!

best regards,
> Best
> -Tobias
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