[Ach] StartSSL for Business Sysadmins

robin.balean at a-trust.at robin.balean at a-trust.at
Mon Jan 13 16:20:20 CET 2014

>> Of course anyone can create a CA for free just like anyone can create 
>> an identity document for free.  But just as there is a difference 
>> between your passport and your supermarket loyalty card, there is a 
>> difference between a certificate issued by serious commercial CA and a 
>> free CA.
> Which would be what difference exactly? The price of the doors on the server room? "There is more money thrown around" is not an argument I could trust.

Yes, money does count here, along with expertise.  The cost of building and running a secure and reliable CA datacentre, the development of and adherence to its processes, cost of hiring. training and security vetting staff, and the cost of audits and compliance, to mention just a few things, are something far beyond what you could do in your basement. 


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