[Ach] OpenSSH Debian 7.3

Brom brom at ldkf.de
Fri Jan 3 17:40:09 CET 2014

I tested the OpenSSH-Section on my server(Debian 7.3). There I had some
At first my OpenSSH-Version: openssh (1:6.0p1-4) unstable.
In contrast to http://www.openssh.org/cgi-bin/man.cgi?query=sshd_config
alle Cipher, MACs and KexAlgorithms with an @ in the name are not supported.
In addition to that, in the code box of the PDF are whitespaces in front
of every -. I had to correct that, too.
Now I'm not sure if it's sufficient to have only so less available
encryptions activated.


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