[Ach] Signing

Adi Kriegisch adi at kriegisch.at
Fri Nov 29 10:03:51 CET 2013


> Stupid question ;).  Should we wrote something on code / script signing?
> Probably out of scope for this document but it's something that it's
> largely not enough documented...
I think that is beyond the scope of this document and would rather fit in
another white paper about certificates, certificate authorities and the
> I was quiet surprise by the time it took me to sign a PowerShell script
> recently.
...on the other hand, I have some experience with the pain of debugging a
non-working EAP-TTLS setup on Win8 and finding out how to create a
certificate that will be accepted for that purpose and right now I am
struggling with signing printer drivers in a way win7 and win8 accept
them. So yes, very interested! :)

-- Adi
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