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Manuel Koschuch koschuch at gmx.net
Wed Nov 20 17:43:39 CET 2013

DH only uses prime (or the (multiplicative) group modulo that prime). We
need a prime p and a generator  g (i.e. an element of order p-1 i.e. a
value g less than p, s.t. g^(p-1) mod p == 1 mod p).

And usually when talking about bitlengths one either means the length of n
(=p*q) in the case of RSA, or p (in the case of DH)


On Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 5:33 PM, christian mock <cm at coretec.at> wrote:

> So, is the number of bits that's given for DH params the number of
> bits of one of the two primes? While with RSA, we talk about the size
> of the product of two primes?
> Because then 512 bit DH would be about as strong as 1024 bit RSA...
> Or am I completely confused?
> cm.
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