[Ach] Checking for copy/pastability from the PDF

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On Nov 20, 2013, at 8:09 AM, Adam Lewicki <adam at lewicki.at> wrote:

> Quoting Pepi Zawodsky <pepi.zawodsky at maclemon.at>:
>> While these are typographically correct as an apostropohe (like in a possesive case) they do break command line strings and config lines that are meant to be copy/pasteable. Well, you can still copy them, but they break the command or config file you paste them in.
> If I may add my 2 cents. As a webserver guy here I'd suggest producing a document in more than one format.

Indeed, we intend to also produce it for the web.
However, we simply started with LaTeX and PDF.

> While PDF is nice to print out and put in a binder or show around in a management-esque meeting, it's not my preferred go-to-source for c&p-able code/conf snippets.

> I'm not really confident in TeX, but isn't there an option to produce plain-text documents or even simple html?
> Both formats are quite okay for copy&paste.

Yes, there are options such as latex2html 
See also: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/LaTeX/Export_To_Other_Formats#Convert_to_HTML

> You may now tear my arguments apart :)

I think you are right :)

> Best wishes
> Adam
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