[Ach] pegasus mail vs. prefer_server_ciphers

Adi Kriegisch adi at kriegisch.at
Tue Nov 19 17:51:35 CET 2013


> The latest and greatest release (4.63 dated 01.2012) of pegasus mail failed to
> connect to our MSAs after activating prefer_server_ciphers.
> Pegasus prefers:
> AES_256
> AES_128
> DHE_AES_256
> DHE_AES_128
> Has someone an idea how to "fix" that without removing these three DHE ciphers
> or removing prefer_server_ciphers?
No, but you're not alone: http://community.pmail.com/forums/38947/ShowThread.aspx

Some guy there states that Pegasus Mail will switch from cryptlib to
openssl any time real soon now(tm).
Obviously you found some interoperability issue between cryptlib and
openssl. This guy also did: http://rant.gulbrandsen.priv.no/aox/cryptlib

Do you have some kind of support contract? Could you ask the technical
staff on how/when the think they'll be able to fix that?

-- Adi
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