[Ach] OpenVPN and pfSense

David Durvaux david.durvaux at gmail.com
Mon Nov 18 18:02:57 CET 2013


Regarding OpenVPN, do we agree that this is a good reference:
*http://openvpn <http://openvpn>*.net/*howto*.html

I would also recommend for VPN (IPSec / OpenVPN) to go for tools like
pfSense that have done a good job in keeping the stuff simple.  Probably
the best way to help peopling keeping stuff well configured.

In my opinion, we should also recommend to use IPSec over OpenVPN.  The
pfSense implementation is compatible with default IPSec client on the
iPhone, Android devices (at least Android >= 4.0), Mac OS X and Linux.

I don't know how secure is the default configuration on pfSense when
dealing with iPhone.  If I correctly remember, you need to allow algorithms
that should be avoided (and stated as such in the guide we wrote ;)).

Any opinion on this?  If we agree, I can start writing some stuff on this.


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