[Ach] Crypto Libraries

robin.balean at a-trust.at robin.balean at a-trust.at
Thu Nov 14 15:32:21 CET 2013

A few points to consider when selecting a crypto library: 
Does it make it easy for a developer (who cannot be assumed to be a crypto expert) to use it correctly?
How well is the crypto implemented?
Is it open source or proprietary?
How mature is the library (e.g. how long has it been around and by how many applications use it?)
Is it actively developed and tested?
What programming languages and platform does it support?
Is it certified? (e.g. FIPS, CC)

A few libraries I am aware of:
OpenSSL (C)
Microsoft (various crypto libraries in C, C++, .NET)
Bouncy Castle (Java)
Crypto++ (C++)
GnuTLS (C)
Botan (C++)
NaCl (C,C++,Python)

Robin Balean

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