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We’ll need to find someone with proper knowledge of IPSEC, IKE and so on. For example: in most commercial network vendor gear you can’t disable DES, Triple-DES and a shitload of other insecure algorithms due to it being standardized in IPSEC. Which can result in desasterous downgrade attacks. I did some research after I found out that you can’t disable those in Cisco gear (https://twitter.com/a_z_e_t/status/398488121601310720/photo/1) and: I didn’t believe it at first but you seem to be IPSEC incompatable if you do not do that!  I mean vendors really do that despite selling this stuff as a “security” appliance. As far as I can tell either IPSEC needs to be reviewed or; more effective - vendors should just drop support and cancel sessions correctly before they get etstablished with almost plaintext.

I might have mentioned this before: actually the same holds true for the NULL cipher. I’m not shitting you. John Gilmore postet this about the IPSEC standardization process recently to the cryptography mailing list: http://www.mail-archive.com/cryptography@metzdowd.com/msg12325.html

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