[Ach] News, summary of the last meeting and new website VM

Ralf Schlatterbeck rsc at runtux.com
Fri Dec 6 18:30:12 CET 2013

On Wed, Dec 04, 2013 at 03:57:48PM +0100, L. Aaron Kaplan wrote:
> 12. BibTex everything (--> Ralf, do you want to help here?)

I've started to use BibTeX, for now converted only the RNG section.
Please check if you like it:
- I've used my own bibtex style alphalink that resembles the original
  alpha style. This uses citation keys generated from the names of the
  authors and the year. (checked in as alphalink.bst) Feel free to use
  under the same license as the original LaTeX alpha.bst style.
- Links to the resources on the web are placed into the bibtex label of
  the bibtex entry. Since this may be non-obvious to some readers I can
  hack the bibtex style to include a link to the web-resource
  explicitly, do we want this (IMHO No, URLs in text are ugly)?
- I also have a plainlink style that uses numbers for the labels if you
  don't like the alphalink style

I've started a new security.bib file (and I'm currently *not* using the
other checked-in .bib file).

If you want to add your own entries: This BiBTeX style supports an "url"
entry for a link to the web-resource. See examples in security.bib.

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