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L. Aaron Kaplan kaplan at cert.at
Wed Dec 4 15:57:48 CET 2013


First of all, we have quite a few new members on this mailing list. Welcome!
It seems that our project was mentioned in twitter and the Dragon News Bytes. It would be nice if the new members on this list want to introduce themselves (not required of course, but it helps).

So, here is a summary of the current state and of our meeting last Monday:

Right now we are in feature freeze: new sections will have to wait until version 2 of this paper.

* We still aim at having a first version with all the contents that we want to have in the paper by the week of the 9th of Dec (we said the 6th but these extra few days allow us to still work on it at the next meeting on Monday)
* After that week we should concentrate on finding reviewers and including their feedback into the document as well as re-phrasing it, spell checking etc. ("cleanup work")
* Reviews should be finished by the holidays.
* Presentation of the paper at the CCC (27th of Dec) by Pepi.

Eva is working on the layout and design of the paper.
Anna is working on a logo for the project.

Sections which need work
short answer: everything which has a \todo{} in the code. Also check out the TODO.rst file

Longer answer (please expand if I forgot anything):

1. we arrived at a new cipher string (which includes AES128, CAMELLIA128). This needs to be included it in all subsections
2. write a small subsection on the usage of SHA-1
3. include all comments of Florian/ IAIK (thank you!!) into the paper
4. clean up the whole section 9 ("cipher suites")
5. overview of SSL libs (section 10) needs contents
6. all practical recommendions need to be tested. Don't forget to document how people can test their settings
7. merge proxy + webserver section as discussed on the list
8. decide which subsections are cut since we did not get any content for them yet
9. SIP ? any takers?
10. XMPP - WIP in progress. David said he is going to add a small proposal for this section
11. DBs
  - Oracle, DB2 coming (Berg). Delete the informix subsection?
12. BibTex everything (--> Ralf, do you want to help here?)

Pepi and me moved the website to it's own VM. The website now has a proper SSL certificate httpS://bettercrypto.org :)

Next docu sprint
Monday, 9th of Dec, 18:30. Proposed location: nic.at offices, Karlsplatz.

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